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The Ultimate Method to Change Your Life

The Roll Shaper massage treatment is designed to cleanse the body by effectively driving out toxins, and thus promoting a noticeably healthier immune system.


The treatment aids in eliminating waste products and toxins from the body, reduces tissue swelling, significantly stimulates blood circulation and improves tone, as well as elasticity of the skin. The Roll Shaper treatment is highly praised for it’s aesthetic benefits: consistent sessions aid in weight loss, bloating and water retention management, cellulite reduction and improvement of scar tissue appearance.

Due to the preservatives and additives contained in the foods we consume on a daily basis, the body becomes clogged up with said toxins and impurities. This may slow the body’s natural digestion process as well as it’s metabolic, and lymphatic functions. This is where the Roll Shaper massage treatment comes in!


It is a forty five minute session, guided by an instructor. We work with the Roll Shaper machine and cover a total of eighteen positions. It is recommended that you stay hydrated prior and post treatment as to allow the body to optimally flush out toxins.

Try Roll Shaper and experience the benefits!

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