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Purchase A Bodyshape Roller

Your body transformation begins here - with the body roll machine.
In a world where wellness and self-care are more important than ever, the Roll Shaper machine emerges as a game-changer. Combining the effectiveness of mechanical massage, lymphatic drainage, and infrared light, this innovative device promises not just relaxation but a transformation of your body's health and appearance.



Why we think you will love our roller!


In-House Manufacturing

Our devices are manufactured from start to finish in our factory. We're not simply assembling parts – we're meticulously crafting these devices ourselves.


Finest Materials

We utilize only the highest quality materials From durable wooden balusters to beautiful eco leather with antibacterial and anti-mould properties.


Quality Assurance

Quality assurance. The technologies and techniques used in our devices are backed by extensive clinical research and knowledge about their effectiveness.


Testing Regimen

Each device undergoes extensive hours of thorough testing to guarantee flawless functionality, impeccable manufacturing, and the capability to deliver unparalleled results for our valued clients. No aspect is overlooked in our pursuit of exceeding your expectations.


Weight 97kg
116 x 68 x 94 CM



Own your own roll shaper!

Roll Shaper perfectly complements workout programs, body contouring services, spa sessions and rehabilitation therapy. Expand your business by offering this cutting-edge service and experience an influx of new clients, or indulge in the convenience of using it in the comfort of your own home.


We offer the possibility to finance the purchase through one of the following:

PayPal, Affirm, AfterPay, LendPro, Snap Finance, ViaBill

Lease A Bodyshape Roller

BodyShape is the first U.S. distributor of the RollShaper since 2017. We are knowledgeable, have long term experience with the machines and provide education with marketing tools to our lessee.

Why Lease From Us?

1. Price
2. Education
3. Marketing tools
4. Clinical studies
5. Infrared light
6. Professional studio model made of antimicrobial material and coated dowels.
7. RPM power (rotation per minute)-While our competitors model has varying speeds of 30 RPM to 60 RPM, the rollshaper machine varies from 10-99RPM.
8. 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.
9. Features in press and online publication.
10. Technical support.

Lease option for those looking to increase revenue and service offering without the investment of equipment purchase.

$1500 down

2 year lease commitment with option to buy at lease end.

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